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Talitha Kum International

National network

Subgroups of a National Network

Regional Coordination

National contacts of a regional / continental network


Con PAHT - Consecrated Persons Against Human Trafficking

Counter trafficking in persons (CTIP)

CTIP South Africa

Migration in Tunisia

Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) - Kenya

Talitha Kum Afrique du Nord

Talitha Kum Burkina Faso

Talitha Kum Cameroon

Talitha Kum Côte d'Ivoire

Talitha Kum Mozambique (TAKUMO)

Talitha Kum - Nigeria

Talitha Kum TCAS (Tanzanian Catholic Association of Sisters)

Talitha Kum Tinsae Ethiopia

Talitha Kum Uganda

Talitha Kum Zambia

Talitha Kum Zimbabwe


CATHII - Comité d'action contre la traite humaine internet et internationale

Red de Religiosas contra la trata República Dominicana

Red Jaire Costa Rica

Red Kawsay

Red Kawsay Argentina

Red Kawsay Bolivia

Red Kawsay Paraguay

Red Kawsay Perù

Red Kawsay Uruguay

Red Rahamim Mexico

Red Ramà

Red Ramà El Salvador

Red Ramà Guatemala

Red Ramà Honduras

Red Tamar Colombia

Talitha Kum Ecuador

Um Grito pela Vida Brasil

US Catholic Sisters Aganist Human Trafficking (USCSAHT)


AMRAT - Talitha Kum India

Asian Movement of Women Religious against Human Trafficking (AMRAT)

Talitha Kum Bangladesh

Talitha Kum Cambodia

Talitha Kum East Asia

Talitha Kum Egypt

Talitha Kum Indonesia

Talitha Kum Japan

Talitha Kum Myanmar

Talitha Kum Pakistan

Talitha Kum Philippines

Talitha Kum South East Asia

Talitha Kum South Korea

Talitha Kum Sri Lanka

Talitha Kum Taiwan

Talitha kum Thailand

Talitha Kum Timor Leste

Talitha Kum Vietnam

Yanabia’ El’amal - Talitha Kum Jordan

Yanabia’ El’amal - Talitha Kum Lebanon

Yanabia’ El’amal - Talitha Kum Syrian Arab Republic

Yanabia’ El’amal (Wells of Hope)


APT Ireland

BAKHITA. Bakhita” Religious in Poland Networking Against Trafficking

Comissão de Apoio às Vitimas do Tráfico de Pessoas (CAVITP)


RENATE - Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation

SOLWODI - Deutschland

URAT Albania



ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans)

Talitha Kum Aotearoa New Zealand