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The expression “Talitha Kum” defines the identity and mission of our global umbrella network, that gathers more than 6,000 Catholic sisters, allies and friends by referring to the transformative power of hope, compassion and mercy,  which underpins efforts towards the restoration of dignity for the exploited as valuable members of the human family .

Talitha Kum’s mission is to #end human trafficking and exploitation through collaborative initiatives focused around prevention, protection, social reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors, partnership and advocacy, promoting actions that tackle the systemic causes.

As consecrated women we live in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who suffer the consequences of the evil of human trafficking. We share our lives with those who are in situations of social vulnerability and risk of trafficking. We accept the invitation to take the side of those who are discriminated against, exploited and victimized by modern slavery, breaking the silence, indifference and conformism that support human trafficking and all forms of commodification of life. We value and promote collaboration and partnership with all organizations that are committed to eliminating trafficking in persons and its causes.