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As consecrated women we live in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who suffer the consequences of the evil of human trafficking. We share our lives with those who are in situations of social vulnerability and risk of trafficking. We accept the invitation to take the side of those who are discriminated against, exploited and victimized by modern slavery, breaking the silence, indifference and conformism that support human trafficking and all forms of commodification of life. We value and promote collaboration and partnership with all organizations that are committed to eliminating trafficking in persons and its causes.

Talita Kum has a decentralized structure with coordination groups at national, regional, continental and global level, leading in accordance with the criteria of solidarity, subsidiarity and trust.

What is the role of Talitha Kum - UISG?

  • We promote the formation of new regional networks
  • We foster communication and interchange of information between member networks
  • We support actions of political impact internationally
  • We promote February 8 the World Day of prayer and reflection against trafficking in persons. "a ight against human trafficking"

What activities take place in the local networks which are members of Talitha Kum?

  • Training at local and regional level.
  • Prevention, awareness and consciousness-raising activities which give visibility to trafficking and to its underlying causes and support mechanisms.
  • Accompaniment, assistance and protection of people redeemed from trafficking
  • Reporting of trafficking and its causes
  • Exchange/Interchange of information about cases and causes of trafficking in persons
  • Actions of political impact



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“When spider webs unite,
they can tie up a lion”

(Ethiopian proverb)