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Walking in

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This app aims to raise awareness on human trafficking, and promote behavioral change. Walking together in dignity towards ending human trafficking.

The App invites users to share the efforts of Talitha Kum members and think of the energy required to carry out social transformation for a world without human trafficking!



An Introduction to Talitha Kum and Walking in Dignity.

Who we are

Talitha Kum is an international initiative against human trafficking and exploitation.


Talitha Kum. What does it mean?

The expression “Talitha Kum” refers to the transformative power of hope, compassion, and mercy, defining the mission of our global umbrella network, which gathers more than 6,000 Catholic sisters, allies, and friends.


Our mission

To end human trafficking and exploitation through collaborative initiatives focused on prevention, protection, social reintegration, and rehabilitation of survivors, partnership and advocacy, and tackling the systemic causes of trafficking.


Our approach

The strength of the Talitha Kum network lies in its bottom-up, grassroots engagement and in its person- and community-centered approach, which ensures proximity to victims and survivors of trafficking, their families, and those at risk of exploitation. Talitha Kum International supports our sisters' work at the grassroots to provide care, healing, empowerment, and restoration to victims.


Why this app?

Talitha Kum’s app, Walking in Dignity, invites you to rise up and walk with us on this journey toward awareness on human trafficking and its prevention. By walking (literally! it is not a metaphor!):

  • you learn;
  • you engage, and show that you care about people facing human trafficking and have chosen to help care for, heal, and empower survivors;
  • you support real projects against human trafficking.

Each step you take will be matched by donors in support of Talitha Kum’s mission. Every 1,000 steps you take, earn one token to learn and engage by donating your steps to any Talitha Kum or survivor-led projects upon your choice.


As Pope Francis declared to young people all over the world:

“I hope that many people will accept your invitation to walk together against trafficking: walking together with those who are destroyed by the violence of sexual and labour exploitation; walking together with migrants, displaced persons, those who are searching for a place to live in peace and family. Together with you, young people, to reaffirm courageously the value of human dignity.”


Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 9th International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, February 8th, 2023.