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Seven short videos on human trafficking and Talitha Kum

These seven Talitha Kum videos are directed by Lia Giovinazzi Beltrami from Aurora Vision. The images and texts illustrate Talitha Kum's reflection and action rooted in many years of experience in anti-trafficking efforts. The texts were written by the International Coordination Committee of Talitha Kum. The images are the result of a joint search for new communication languages.

The video topics are:
1. What is Human Trafficking?
2. Exploited: Please See Me
3. From an Economy of Trafficking to an Economy of Care
4. Vulnerability to Trafficking
5. Caring for Trafficked People
6. Preventing Human Trafficking
7. Talitha Kum – Networking for Change

Director: Lia Giovinazzi Beltrami – Aurora Vision
Music: Alberto Beltrami
Texts: Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee
Voices: Nina Davuluri and Joel Van Der Molen
Porduced by UISG