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Welcome to Sr. Paula, SPC, as the new Regional Representative of Asia

Talitha Kum is very happy to welcome Sr. Paula KWANDAO PHONPRASERTRUKSA, from the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres, as the Regional Representative for Asia. Her appointment is effective starting from October 1st, 2022.

Sr. Paula closely collaborated with Sr. Abby Avelino, and is part of Talitha Kum Thailand since 2010. Now part of the Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee, she will focus on Networking and Prevention, as well as coordinate Talitha Kum’s activities on the Asian continent with the help of:

  • Sr. Theresa Meera, RGS (AMRAT-TK India) - Advocacy Hub
  • Sr. Nilanthi Ranasinghe, FMM (TK Sri lanka) - Formation Hub
  • Sr. Chatarina Supatmiyati, RGS (TK Indonesia) - Communication Hub

Welcome Sr. Paula to the Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee, we wish you all the best for your mission!

Sr. Paula shared her reflection on her journey until now, and how she views her future involvement in Talitha Kum:

"I'd like to express my gratitude for the trust you have given me to serve as Talitha Kum Asia Coordinator. I am aware of my inability, limitation, and weaknesses. I am thankful for your understanding and support.

I have been working with Talitha Kum Thailand since 2010. In the beginning, I have been helping to raise awareness programs in the schools. It helps me to gain more knowledge about human trafficking. In 2018, I had selected from the Talitha Kum Thailand Committee to be a secretary. After that, I had the opportunity to attend Talitha Kum Leadership Training. This training deepens my knowledge and understanding of the cause of human trafficking and how to prevent people from a trafficking circle. The training also allowed me to learn more about Talitha Kum and meet fellows who work under the Talitha Kum network. It opened up the world of Talitha Kum to me. In 2020, I had selected to be Talitha Kum Asia Secretary. It has been a good opportunity for me to serve God within Talitha Kum Network.

Work with different people such as ethnic groups living in the borderland, in the high mountains. The difficulty of the journey makes them appreciate and feel loved when we visit them. Their smiling face, the warm greeting, and pure hearts These things drive me to be more dedicated to my work, to make sure they are safe and have sustainable economic development

My experience as a consultant for the Talitha Kum Asia Youth Ambassador is another inspiration. I felt like I was a teenager again when working with them. The laughter never goes away when we meet. I learn to be more flexible and creative. I feel like they bring some hope to Talitha Kum. These youth will carry on the Talitha Kum mission and pass it on to the future generation to end human trafficking in our world.

Working with diverse groups of people, I can feel a power that drives us to move forward. The Holy Spirit allows us to communicate with each other understandably, though we differ in language, culture, and lifestyle. These differences do not hinder our work. Talitha Kum allows me to fulfill my dream of being a tool to bring the love of God to people, open my eyes to the needs of others, teach me to forget myself and embrace others, be more patient, and dare to do new things and brave to confront painfully. I also have learned that a smiling face can soothe and encourage people around me. Talitha Kum helps me, not I help Talitha Kum.

Please remember me in your prayers so I can be an instrument of God. I will try my best; to work in harmony, build teamwork, and enhance peace. There is nothing more I can say. I only think of the two passages from the Book of Isaiah, Isa 6:8 and 61:1.

I believe my life is in God’s hands. He will guide me and protect me through my journey to do His mission; to restore the dignity of our brothers and sisters as Son of God, raise awareness of the threat of human trafficking, to end human trafficking in our world. Let us unite in prayer and work together as God’s servants. Together we can. Nothing is impossible for God. Let us put our trust in the Lord.

With Gratitude,

Sr. Paula"