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Friday, October 28, 2022, the Talitha Kum Network Indonesia Team received the arrival of prospective anti-trafficking ambassadors. The “Training of Trainers Youth Ambassador End Human Trafficking” was attended by 28 participants and 12 core groups who journey with the participants.

The movement against human trafficking requires trained and competent people to build common awareness about the language of human trafficking. Good and correct education for the public is one of the most effective strategies in breaking the chain of human trafficking. Therefore, on 28 – 30 October 2022, the Talitha Kum Indonesia Team initiated the Training of Trainers Youth Ambassador End Human Trafficking at the Syantikara Fostering House, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Raising the theme “Call to Action: Role of Youth Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking”.

Sr. Paula KWANDAO PHONPRASERTRUKSA, SPC as the coordinator of Talitha Kum Asia stated in her explanation, via zoom, that she hopes that young people can support this activity as a form of world concern to be free from human trafficking. “As a young person and young at heart, it is important to always present in the community to help, and contribute to preventing human trafficking”, said Sr. Paula, SPC.

In addition, Sr. Paula emphasized “that the training of trainers is packaged in momentum to commemorate Youth Pledge Day. This year, it will be the 94th anniversary. We hope that this activity will be a way out for others, so as not to be trapped in the dark world of human trafficking. Greetings and good luck to the ambassadors fighting for anti-human trafficking. Prove that as a young person, you can be a mouthpiece who voices truth and justice related to human dignity as God's creation. The participation of young people through communities with a pluralistic socio-religious base is the key as well as being able to socialize the prevention of human trafficking through cultural, natural approaches, and promote good customary values.”

Furthermore, Sr. Chatarina Supatmiyati, RGS as the Coordinator of Talitha Kum Indonesia, in her initial speech explained that “all participants of the training of trainers will be formed in the same way and stages. All participants are joined as one group in the Talitha Kum Indonesia network. The purpose of this training of trainers is to build awareness so that they can take part in preventing human trafficking. We want to produce anti-human trafficking ambassadors who are committed to actively participating in opposing the trafficking of persons. There are more and more cases of human trafficking where victims are trapped because of poor and lacking communication addressing this issue. Digital media literacy is needed so that we can protect ourselves but also protect our fellowmen. Having the ability to know, reason, intelligence, taste, and will is very important so that we can choose and sort out good and bad intentions and how to properly respond. This must be done using the sharpness of a honed conscience and concern for others, especially for victims of human trafficking” she mentioned 

 The participants are provided with a lot of materials that add to their thinking and basic skills: Some of the topics addressed include: What is Human trafficking, the identity of the Talitha Kum Network, the introduction of group dynamics, sharing experiences, the role of young people in responding to the issue of human trafficking through education on social media by content creation on YouTube, Instagram, and articles. 

 To maintain enthusiasm among the participants, each activity was always intercepted with animations and guided games. The participants enjoyed all the processes and activities during training days. Congratulations to the Talitha Kum Indonesia team for their constant compromise to making young people who are agents of change to end human trafficking.


By Sr. Chatarina Supatmiyati, RGS

Talitha Kum's Coordinator in Indonesia