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Talitha Kum's training of young leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean in which 39 young people from 11 different nationalities participated;Colombia, México, Bolivia, Ecuador, Perú, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Brazil and Puerto Rico-has concluded.

The group of young people, in their great diversity of backgrounds, stood out as a result of their speed of learning and perseverance in carrying out the initiatives proposed by the Network. Most of the young people were college students active against trafficking in persons who had already had direct experience in accompanying victims or groups at risk of trafficking.

The goal of the Talitha Kum network, through this training dedicated to youth, was to raise awareness and implement their skills to identify and prevent human trafficking. After the training, the stage of implementing prevention projects in different settings begins.

"Young people empowering other young people, this is a multiplier effect; let's involve the networks and the sisters who are part of them; make young people protagonists in training and prevention accompanied by the networks in each country."

 Sor Ana María Vilca, SNJM and Brother Jorge Walder, FMS responsible for the formation of young leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean


The following are testimonies from the young leaders: 

"This training played an important role in that it was a process through which all of us participants shared experiences from different countries, not only to gain knowledge or tools, but also to strengthen our skills to confront the context of a specific reality or painful experiences of our brothers and sisters who have experienced trafficking. I was motivated to participate, to meet other people who are struggling like me, and I was happy to know that there are other organizations and experiences; today I appreciate even more the effort of those who are fighting for the same common cause."

Mónica from El Salvador


"The course provided me with a general theoretical framework and left me with open questions and concerns. I really appreciated the introduction that Sister Carmen Ugarte, the regional coordinator, shared with us, integrating the reality of trafficking and how the Church can offer alternatives and ways to address this situation. I also appreciated the moments of prayer that sensitized my heart and the sharing of experiences with other group members.

I wish to continue to speak out on this issue as an anthropologist and pastoral worker by making visible this reality so close to us and by proposing social alternatives in the light of a prophetic Christianity.Among my future plans is to design a workshop to assist and accompany men with problems related to pornography and prostitution in order to stop the growing demand for trafficking along with sexual exploitation and to continue to stand by the victims by building shelters for these people."

Yael from Mexico


"What motivated me was the fact that in the city where I live, trafficking in persons and in particular the sexual exploitation of minors is a recent fact in the media. The whole course was interesting and updated and fortified my skills on the subject. My desire for the future is to inform and educate adolescents on the topic and make them aware of what trafficking is. I wish to protect and care for young people!"

Soledad from Uruguay


7 July 2023