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March 8th - The International Women's Day

March 8th is the annual occasion to reflect on the steps achieved in favor of gender equality in all areas: economic, social, family, political, cultural and religious. It is also an occasion to celebrate with all the women committed every day with determination and courage for an equal world.

There are many examples of empowering women and girls that Talitha Kum networks implement at the grassroots level, especially empowering people who have experienced human trafficking, in order to make possible social change. Here some testimonies:


“They became members of our survivor services working group. They have specifically been working on developing a mentoring program with other members and offer important feedback on anti-trafficking activities.”

from Alliance to End Human Trafficking 


“They have formed a network of collaboration and outreach, and now call themselves as "advocates," accompanying and processing referrals, with others who, like them, have been trafficked.”

from Talitha Kum Zimbabwe 


“During a journey of spiritual accompaniment and building trust relationships with the community, she learned the Italian language, and in order to acquire necessary skills, decided to be trained as a pastry chef. She is now a great inspiration to her friends that a different life is possible.”

from Talitha Kum Italy


“She decided to pursue studies in Psychopedagogy and Psychology. She began her career by working in a religious congregation helping in the accompaniment of children. Currently, she works as a co-partner in organizing and training workshops that the network offers to women, who, like her, have experienced trafficking or lived in exploitative situations. In this process, her contribution is commendable.”

from Red Tamar Colombia 


“They assist the sisters in rehabilitation centers for victims of human trafficking, and are involved in conducting outreach programs. Few others are working with the sisters in their institutions. Sometimes, courageously  help rescue other girls caught in the net.”

from Talitha Kum Amrat- India 


March 8th, 2024