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3 February 2022

Third Training Course for Leaders

Congratulations to the selected candidates of our Third Training Course for Leaders!

On March 4th, 2022, 32 participants from 22 different countries will have the opportunity to meet and start their training. The course, running until March 2023, aims at giving them the necessary professional and relational skills and knowledge to become Talitha Kum community leaders. The training course is promoted by Talitha Kum/UISG, in partnership with the Pontifical Antonianum University (Rome) and Tangaza University College (Nairobi). Moderated by university professors, different experts, and Sisters involved in the field, this third edition will also encourage networking and inter-regional collaborations, in an effort to better tackle human trafficking.

As human trafficking remains the second largest crime industry in the world, it is urgent to unite our efforts. Coordination and training of leaders on the ground can foster the growth of a professional solidarity network ensuring that more and more victims can be identified and accompanied on the path to healing.

Talitha Kum is proud to officially welcome these 32 participants! 



Talitha Kum Networks are active in the 5 continents coordinating the anti-trafficking efforts of 50 inter-congregational networks organized at the national-local level and 10 networks that include the joint coordination of several countries at the regional level.

* According to the information of the 2021 Talitha Kum Census



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