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The World Refugee Day June 20th 2017: Refugees: an opportunity to grow together

Refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are increasing vulnerable population of trafficking in persons.

People on the move are an opportunity! Talitha Kum invites everybody in contact with this population to intensify prevention, to promote formation to train key persons to recognize the victims of trafficking among this group and to address the needs of trafficked people and its families.

“Let us all, as one human family, strive to build bridges of solidarity rather than walls of division.” Talitha Kum signing this ecumenical statement reaffirm its commitment to be neighbours to those who suffer the serious consequences of trafficking in persons, women, children, men. Anyone who is injured in his/her own dignity and deprived of liberty, regardless of their lifestyle, race, religion, economic condition or sexual orientation.

The encounters in everyday life with people in situation of vulnerability and survivor s of trafficking are moments of shared hope and pain with systematically exploited people and deprived of their dignity. They are moment to contemplate the presence of God and to grow together.

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