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Testimony of Sr. Kanlaya Trisopa – Talitha Kum Thailand

I am Sister Kanlaya Trisopa, a member of the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus of Bangkok. My current duties is one of counselor team of the SHB. Congregation, responsible for pastoral care and evangelization.

I'm also one of the pastoral committee of Ach-diocese of Bangkok taking care for building "Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC)" in the parishes. Regarding of being one of the committee of Talitha Kum I have volunteered to work with love and passion since the beginning of Formation Program of UISG. on Anti- Human trafficking in 2005. My responsibility in Talitha Kum now is national and international coordinator.

What does it mean to you to work against human trafficking?

I appreciated the work against human trafficking because it made me feel that my life as a religious women is meaningful to many suffering people in this world.   I have had the opportunity to learn much more about this challenging social issues. I have more confident to help many students in the schools and shared my knowledge to young people in the parishes,

 in order that they know the dangers of human trafficking that are close to them .I am delight to teach them how to prevent themselves and their families from falling to be victims of human trafficking. More than that I have had also opportunity to help and protect victims and those at risk of human trafficking. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to work with religious men and woman congregation around the world in a global network.

In your opinion, which are the main challenges in your context?

The main challenges in my context is how to get more the religious men and woman Congregations in Thailand  pay more attention to this problem and encourage their members come to join Talitha Kum to work together eliminating human trafficking from Thai  society.

Please can you share with us some of the most beautiful and some of the most painful experiences during your work and accompaniment to victims and survivors of trafficking?

My most beautiful story: My friend told me that her neighbor invited her to go to work together with her as a housewife in Korea. She agreed to go there. I asked her to tell me the details of going to work in Korea.  I listened to the benefits of the agency offered to them, how the agency managed the documents and flight tickets and the amount of money she paid and earned, including the place where she going to work in Korea. After listening intently I told her that she and her neighbor were being deceived.  I tried to convince both of them until my friends changed her mind. Unfortunately, her friend was determined to follow her dreams. Many years passed and bit by bit no one heard about her life in Korea!! My friend thanked me for saving her falling to at risk of being a victim of human trafficking. I am glad that I could help my friend from being trafficked.

My most painful experiences: Me and my two fellow Sisters in Talitha Kum Committee used to work together to help a victim of human trafficking. A certain young woman that we helped when she was a child was taken by her mother to sell her to the truck drivers in many gas stations along with her 2 younger siblings. This woman fell in love with a man who later crippled her and forced her to become a prostitute. When we met her she was pregnant unable to help herself and her husband left her. Three of us decided to save her, we dedicated to help her in many ways both physical and mental strength.  We spent a lot of energy, time and money.

We also help her through government agencies too. In the end, we could not recused her. She decided to bring her new born child back to her mother and willingly allowed her mother to take advantage of her and her child as well. During my accompaniment to victims and survivor of human trafficking I experienced severe disappointment, anger and discouragement. I was unsuccessful in helping this case.

What are the things you have learned and carry in your heart in this anti- human trafficking work?

Human trafficking destroys human dignity, brings great suffering to the victims and their families. Everybody is our sisters and brothers, we have the same Our Father. We share the suffering and happiness with each other in this world and must restore dignity of human being.

What does being a part of Talitha Kum mean to you?

  • From being ignorant about human trafficking turned into knowledgeable one who can teach, share and help suffering humanity, especially children and woman.
  • I have learnt from Talitha Kum to work together with other religious congregations not only with my congregation.
  • I can work on a global level beyond Thailand together with Talitha Kum International

Please, a final message

We Talitha Kum together, we will eliminate human trafficking from our society.