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Talitha Kum’s Study, Prayer and Action Packet: Migration and Human Trafficking

The Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee calls on Talitha Kum networks and partners to continue the process of study, reflection, and prayer on the third systematic cause of human trafficking that was identified: Migration.

The Talitha Kum General Assembly determined three priority areas of structural injustice that must be addressed to help in the fight to end human trafficking. This package, created this September 2022, addresses the third priority which states “Unjust and inadequate immigration law and policy coupled with forced migration and displacement puts people at greater risk of being trafficked.”

In this packet, you will find the trends and challenges of migration and human trafficking, as well as a reflection rooted in the Scriptures and Catholic Ecclesial Documents. Additionally, focusing on its third priority, Talitha Kum has created a detailed discussion guide inspired by the Synodal Process to Listen, Reflect, Judge, and Act on this topic. Through supported data and research, Talitha Kum invites you to reflect on the link between migration and human trafficking and use our collective voice to promote change on the structural level.

The packet is available on our website and you can download it by clicking here below:

Talitha Kum’s Study, Prayer and Action Packet: Migration and Human Trafficking

A special thanks to Sr. Yvonne Bambara, RGS, and Sr. Abby Avelino, MM, who have engaged together in this process and written this package, enriched by the entire team of the Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee.

Photo from the gallery of the Section Migrants and Refugees.