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10 December 2020

Talitha Kum Study, Prayer and Action Packet: Neoliberalism and Human Trafficking in a Time of COVID

More than one year ago Talitha Kum concluded its first General Assembly. The past year washard due the pandemic. During this time the International CoordinationCommittee of Talitha Kum tried to respond to the emergencies that have been createdby covid-19.

The Talitha Kum International Committee, with great joy,  invite Talitha Kum Networks around the world to begin a process of study, reflection, prayer to be carried out together, to try to respond to the three systemic causes that we have identified as the main causes of trafficking in persons.

To be connected with “The Economy of Francesco” and the theme of the 2021 International Day of Prayer against Human Trafficking “An Economy without Trafficking”, the committee has chosen to start with the second priority – the “dominant model of neo-liberal development and unfettered capitalism creates situations of vulnerability that are exploited by recruiters, traffickers, employers and buyers”.

The packet is available on our website and you can download it by clicking here below:

Talitha Kum Study, Prayer and Action Packet: Neoliberalism and Human Trafficking in a Time of COVID

A special thanks to Sr. Colleen Jackson rsc and Sr. Ann Oestreich ihm who have prepared this beautiful initiative and have committed themselves to draw up the first draft, enriched by the entire team of the Talitha Kum International Coordination Committee.


Talitha Kum Networks are active in the 5 continents coordinating the anti-trafficking efforts of 50 inter-congregational networks organized at the national-local level and 10 networks that include the joint coordination of several countries at the regional level.

* According to the information of the 2021 Talitha Kum Census



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