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On August 31st, Talitha Kum, the UISG international network against human trafficking, organized an Online Conversation among women of faith on human dignity, freedom and care.

The virtual event was realized with the support of the US Embassy to the Holy See and Women of Faith for peace which was designated following the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons (July 31st), where women of different faiths have supported the social campaign launched by Talitha Kum on its Facebook page. 

They expressed their statement against trafficking in person, demonstrating how interreligious dialogue is essential to fight human trafficking.

At the event, there was:
Sr. Gabriella Bottani, smc,  International Coordinator of Talitha Kum;
H.E. Callista Gingrich, US Ambassador to the Holy See; 
H.E. Sally Axworthy, UK Ambassador to the Holy See;
Ven. Dhammananda bhikkhuni (Asso.Prof.Dr.Chatsuman Kabilsingh) , a Buddhist Nun of Thailand;
Rev. Sr. Veronica Openibo, Leader of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus;
Feride F. G. - Gençaslan, President of the European Centre for Sufism & Interreligious Encounters , Sufist;                  
Hedva Goldschmidt, Film distributor, Co-founder of WOMEN OF FAITH FOR PEACE;
Fatima Madaki Abubakar,  Founder of Education & Sustainable Livelihood Youth Initiative in north Nigeria;
Rev. Sr. Patricia Murray, UISG Executive Secretary.

The event was attended by almost 100 people from different parts of the world and almost 1000 people watched on the Talitha Kum Facebook page, where it was livestreamed.

As Sr. Gabriella Bottani remarked, Talitha Kum denounces the objectification and denigration of women that contributes to a global culture of exploitation and violence against women, reflected in human trafficking. 

The role of women in this delicate field was the main topic of the conversation and as Sr. Veronica Openibo said, “to educate a woman is to educate a nation".

This concept was also supported by Feride Funda G.-Gençaslan, Sufi Muslim, who pointed out the need of an integration of all faiths for a peaceful and humane present and future; in her vocation, in fact, she participated in many interreligious and intercultural projects in Europe and around the world alongside Sheikh Eshref Efendi.

Lia Beltrami, director of Talitha Kum “Wells of Hope” documentary, also attended the Conversation telling about her experience in describing women of different faiths’ work around the world.

The success of this event was demonstrated also by the participation of different Ambassadors and personalities who always supported Talitha Kum in their daily cause.

As Fatima Madaki Abubakar concluded, “Sharing the stories of women who have a common situation means inspiring hope. Inspiring hope is the key”.

The recording of the event is available in different languages on the Talitha Kum Youtube Channel.