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11 February 2020

Pope Francis launched Supernuns community

Super Nuns: a new dynamic and young community to fund their fight against human trafficking

On the 6Th International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, Pope Francis is launched Super Nuns (, the new web community of Talitha Kum who faced human trafficking problem in an alternative and artistic way. 

Super Nuns (, available on Patreon website, is a fundraising platform to sustain human trafficking survivors in prevention and care projects, another important tool of the decennial work of Talitha Kum realized thanks to her international network in more than 70 countries. The project, born thanks to the creative vision of John McCaffrey of Galieo Foundation and Edelman communication company, is partnering with popular street artist like Steve Powers alias ESPO and  Japanese animation pioneer Leiji Matsumoto; their art, inspired by the work the sisters have done since 2009 all over the world, will be published monthly on the platform. Not only…. Each month Super Nuns will give away 10 signed prints from the artists to random members of the community.

“A surprising partnership to tell about Talitha Kum stories in an innovative language that allowed us to reach a more large public” said Sr. Gabriella Bottani, international Coordinator of Talitha Kum, about the initiative.

On Patreon website, supporters can choose to give as little as $3  or up to $25 a month as patrons or make larger one-time donations. The web community is in English… but, you know! Art is universal!


Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons, is present in 89 countries on five continents. According to the information of the 2021 Census, Talitha Kum is made up of:

50 inter-congregational networks that coordinate the efforts against trafficking at the national-local level;

10 networks that promote joint coordination of different countries at the regional level. These include so-called "contact countries" formed by Network reference groups working in the region. In other cases they are in the process of forming the national network;

2 continental coordination that bring together the national and regional coordinations present within a continent; an

the international coordination based in Rome at the International Union of Superiors.



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