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In collaboration with the socially active members of the local community, Sr. Rosey Yacoob, FMCK the coordinator of the Talitha Kum Pakistan network, shares with us the efforts and the involvement of the young people of Pakistan on the occasion of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking 2023. Sr. Farzana, FTL member of Talitha Kum Pakistan, recalled the contribution of a group of young people in the lower strata of society Maryam colony, a residential area of Punjab, which is characterized by poverty, poor sanitation, theft and kidnapping. The group of young people planned and organized multiple information and awareness sessions for the children from this community, where the social issues are exacerbated by the absences of homes and shelters with solid foundations due to the continuous demolition of the area, forcing many residents to move.


Pakistan is a capitalist with a ruined economy, explains Sr. Ali Raza Khan. She tells us that “the numbers related to human trafficking within the country are staggering since women and children, mostly belonging to economically unstable classes, are not protected as they should be.” Many young people, in different areas, across the country are involved in the fight against human trafficking. Pakistan is the fifth youngest country in the world, with 63 percent of young people being between the ages of 15 and 33. The young people realize that their involvement is what determines the flourishing of society and development of a culture of care. The sisters and staff of Talitha Kum Pakistan support these young people by creating a holistic training program for them: Young Ambassadors Action Plan in Lahore region. The network had managed to spread to almost all regions of the country with youth ambassadors, trained by the networks, engaging in prevention and awareness-raising activities on trafficking in different areas of Pakistan.


“We cannot but consider them "the engine of epochal changes."’ Sr. Rosey Yacoob


The testimonies of some sisters from the network

"Working hand-in-hand with this network, I have had an enriching and collaborative experience-I have been involved for over two years and, over these years, I have also organized outreach activities in my area with the goal of helping people oppressed and neglected due to trafficking." Sr. Anna Bashir OP, member of Talitha Kum Pakistan

"In Rehim Yar Khan, Punjab, known as a highly trafficking-prone area, Talitha Kum Pakistan organizes awareness-raising activities to spread knowledge on the issue. Thanks to the network's commitment and efforts, symposia for prayer and reflection have been organized, including in honor of St. Bakhita." Sr. Zubaida John, central committee member of Talitha Kum Pakistan

"It was a great joy for me and my entire community to participate in the International Day of Prayer and Reflection against Trafficking in Persons last Feb. 8. Between 70 and 80 women in Karachi participated in this special day in honor of St. Bakhita. This is a great achievement for us and these numbers testify to the involvement of women." Sr. Catherine Mehnga form Talitha Kum Pakistan


By Talitha Kum Pakistan


March 28, 2023