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News from the network in Australia (ACRATH) - Young People Protagonists of Right Choices

Sr. Colleen Jackson, RSC, Regional Representative for Oceania, shared with our networks about the inspiring intervention and approach taken by the youth in Australia.


This year, the Australian network (ACRATH) initiated the Youth Justice Project with a few secondary schools. Each school selected a human trafficking-related topic for in-depth exploration and developed a report outlining their action plan and anticipated results. One of the final reports, presented as an examination, delved into the implications of "child slavery" in coffee production.

The youth conducted research, presented information and awareness materials to students and faculty, and organized coffee tastings at their school (Australians are great coffee drinkers!). They opted for a "slavery-free" coffee production, choosing a brand certified as organic, carbon-neutral, and therefore, environment friendly. This is now the exclusive coffee served and consumed at their school.


“We are excited to announce that starting from Term Four 2023, all  the coffee at St. Mary of the Angels will be slavery-free and fair-trade certified. We sincerely thank ACRATH for giving us the inspiration and encouragement to answer the call of Pope Francis. We would also like to thank Neroli and Vil for their support through VCAF and all  the staff and students who agreed to change their coffee brands to get behind this Social Justice initiative.” 

Ruth, Abbie, Jazz, Gabby, Maddisyn, Bethany, Emily, Lara E Annie


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November 21th, 2023