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News from Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors – Thailand

By Joy Ezekiel - Youth Ambassadors Talitha Kum International

Since September 2021, the Talitha Kum sisters organized the journey Against Human Trafficking with young people, offering training and empowering them in this mission to foster action and collaboration in the fight against Human Trafficking in different countries. For young people, this journey has been inspiring and life-changing: so much commitment and participation, lots of activities and creativities.

So far, the youths have come up with so many ideas to better raise awareness of the uninformed and at-risk persons, using different means of communication, both in-person and remotely: going to churches and schools, speaking with both children and adults, and organizing online streaming programs.

Involving new members, posting videos and pictures on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), organizing prayers, designing and printing flyers, creating TK T-shirts to distribute, and much other work in progress. Even with their busy schedules (balancing school and work), they still put so much effort into collaborating together with the sisters. Ever since the Journey began, it has been a non-stop activity! More information here!

Starting from this month of April, we are happy to announce that the Talitha Kum anti-trafficking Youth Ambassadors are ready and glad to share every month with you their journey, news of hope, and commitment against human trafficking.

On this occasion, we begin this journey with the Youth Ambassadors in Thailand! 

During a zoom meeting with youth from Thailand last week, in the process of collecting updates for this project, Areeya shared with us her own experience as a TK anti-trafficking Youth Ambassador:

“It hasn’t been so easy so far, mixing school, studies, work, and being a Talitha Kum anti-trafficking Youth Ambassadors. Sometimes I forget to write ideas on my notepad. For that, I always take my note with me almost everywhere I go to write down new ideas or something that inspires me at that moment. I try my best to be available because I am so happy to be part of this call.”

The youth ambassadors from Thailand are carrying out various prevention activities by meeting with children, adolescents, and youth in schools and with the various groups in parishes. They have been active in doing social media awareness campaigns through posting online stories, video cartoons of Saint Bakhita, and inspirational messages. It can be accessed here!

The Youth Ambassadors of Thailand are a close-knit group and are growing thanks to the joining of other young people who wish, in their own small way, to cherish the beauty and dignity of every brother and sister. All the best to you!

The youth of Thailand still has many projects and so much passion to be shared. Being an ambassador, not just for the title but for the Mission!

Stay tuned for next month - Great news from Talitha Kum anti-trafficking youth ambassadors from Japan will be shared with you!