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News from Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors – Indonesia

Since September 2021, the Talitha Kum sisters have been working to organize the journey Against Human Trafficking with young people, training them to become Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking youth ambassadors in different countries. For us, the journey has been inspiring and life-changing, involving lots of commitment, participation, activities, and creativities.

This month we are pleased to share with you news from Talitha Kum anti-trafficking youth ambassadors of Indonesia.

The youth ambassadors of Indonesia are carrying out various prevention activities by organizing online meetings, prayers, online seminars, and trainings:

  • Gathering and sharing with children and adults
  • Sharing provisions (food, etc.) and medications
  • Posting videos, music, and messages on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. View here! And here!

The youths have three big projects:

  1. A one day webinar this past February with 30 participants where they spoke about the phenomenon of human trafficking. The participants found it very satisfying. The youths are hoping to continue this seminar in the future.
  2. A social media campaign, uploading videos and messages every month
  3. The youth have also gone so far as to organize a training for self-improvement, called: Training of Trainers (TOT). This training, where they will invite an expert to speak, has the goal of improving self-awareness in relation to Human Trafficking.

During a zoom meeting with youth from Indonesia, Cornelia Denori shared with us her own experience as a TK anti-trafficking Youth Ambassador:

“It hasn’t been easy, yes, mixing school, and being a Talitha Kum anti-trafficking Youth Ambassador. But I don’t see it as stressful, it has become part of my daily life and activities. Being a Talitha Kum anti-trafficking Youth Ambassador has really helped me to gain new knowledge and also in my studies in school. At school I wrote an essay about Human trafficking, about Talitha Kum and me being and anti-trafficking youth ambassador. My lecturer was very happy and applauded my good work! I was so proud of myself and for the mission I have chosen together with the Talitha Kum sisters and other youth like me. I am so happy to be part of this call and I love it!”

The Youth Ambassadors of Indonesia are a close-knit group and are growing thanks to the joining of other young people who wish, in their own way, to cherish the beauty and dignity of every brother and sister. All the best to you!

These youths in Indonesia have many projects and so much passion to be shared. It is clear they value being an ambassador, not just for the title, but for the mission!

Stay tuned next month for more news from Talitha Kum anti-trafficking youth ambassadors!

By Joy Ezekiel

Youth Ambassadors – Talitha Kum International