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Launching event of Talitha Kum's 'Walking In Dignity' app

On Tuesday 30 January at 2.30 p.m. (Rome time), Talitha Kum, the international anti-trafficking network of more than 6000 sisters, friends and partners, presents a new initiative: the 'Walking In Dignity' App.
The walking application invites to walk on this journey toward awareness of human trafficking and its prevention.

It is an invitation to all, particularly young people, to download this App and engage. The application is designed to learn, engage, and care about the people facing human trafficking and to care for, heal, and empower survivors. 
A creative and innovative tool application offers features such as a virtual journey for collecting tokens in tandem with real-life steps. Simultaneously, users can gain insights into various perspectives on human trafficking while earning steps.


The creation of this application was made possible through the collaboration and support of Misean Cara, the Embassy of Ireland to the Holy See, the Embassy of the United States to the Holy See, the Galileo Foundation and the Global Solidarity Fund.


25 January 2024