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Interview with Areeya Pongpit, Talitha Kum Youth Ambassador and Award recipient from the Thai government

Areeya Pongpit is a Talitha Kum Youth Ambassador who is committed to making a difference in the efforts against human trafficking. She lives in the Khon Kaen province of Thailand and belongs to the Youth’s Udon Thani diocese.

 The issue of human trafficking is close to her heart as growing up, people close to her were victims of human trafficking.

 In recent years, Areeya trained with Talitha Kum Asia to become an advocate against human trafficking and since then, has conducted youth leader camps to encourage young people to become involved in this active opposition.

 For her efforts, on June 6th 2022, Areeya received the Outstanding Youth in Human Trafficking Prevention and Suppression Award by the Thai government. Talitha  Kum is very proud of all the work Areeya has done to receive this prestigious award and everything she continues to do for the Talitha Kum network.

Full interview here.