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On September 26th, 2023, was held the online kick-off of the 4th edition of the Talitha Kum Leaders Course. Started in 2019, this course aims to give the necessary skills and knowledge to members of Talitha Kum who are committed, so they can take on key leadership positions within the network. 


With 22 participants from 17 nationalities, the course is crucial to facilitate networking at the international level. Participants share their realities and good practices. Victims of trafficking transported from one country to another (or sometimes changing continents) have been identified several times thanks to the work of the network.


50% of participants are based in Africa. The African continent is Talitha Kum’s fastest-growing region. Many new networks are being formed and developed, to respond to the growing reality of human trafficking related to conflicts, environmental disasters, and migration.


Seventeen religious congregations are represented in the course, which illustrates one of Talitha Kum's strengths: intercongregationality. For a network to live, it must grow, welcoming new members and allowing them to learn from more experienced members. Moreover, three lay people participate in the course, including a young ambassador who is very active in Kenya.


Talitha Kum International 


October 9th, 2023