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In the past five years, three Training Courses for the Leaders of Talitha Kum have been organized, involving 83 participants and more than 20 teachers, formators and facilitators. The previous editions had different structures and specifics depending on the background conditions.

The first edition saw in-presence gatherings in Rome besides online lectures; the last two editions have been run entirely online (either because of the COVID outbreak or for practical and financial reasons). The last edition has offered translation into three languages (English, Spanish and French) to facilitate and expand the attendance to non-English speaking participants.

The turning point of each edition was the Project Work Phase, in which the participants, divided into small working groups, planned, executed and reported a small but concrete project on key priorities of Talitha Kum (advocacy for, prevention of, rehabilitation from Human Trafficking) to test the leadership capacities acquired.

To keep improving the Training Course, the Fourth Training Course for the Leaders of Talitha Kum, having the opportunity to host an in-presence residential stage in Nairobi (Kenya), will use a “learning-by-doing” methodology. Unlike the past, the current edition will not separate the theoretical and operational dimensions of the course. Instead, both dimensions, introduced in the residential stage, will be constantly followed up during the implementation of the concrete on-field projects through online sessions to guide and reinforce the acquisition of the required leadership skills.


The training course and the selection criteria for participants are described in detail in the presentation letter which can be downloaded below. If you would like to register for this course, please fill in the following form.



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June 19, 2023