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Despite the emerging of COVID19 around the world, the second Talitha Kum Training Programme for leaders is ongoing. The programme started on February 2020. This edition is coordinated in collaboration with the Pontifical University Antonianum and the Tangaza University College of Nairobi. The programme’s goal is to develop future Talitha Kum international leaders giving them essential skills to promote networking to prevent human trafficking and to help victims. 

“As the current global emergency forced us to postpone the residential stage we planned to gather all the participants and the faculty in a common sharing experience, we arranged personal interviews with the participants to know them personally, to have a better perception of their attitudes and motivations, and to listen to their suggestions for the future of the training”, said Professor Ivan Colagé of Antonianum University. 
The Coordination Team selected a very heterogeneous group with thirty-six motivated and talented participants; they come from all over the world and across different cultures, all animated by a straight desire to develop their skills to combat human trafficking.

A consolidated group, as Brother Jonas of Tangaza University confirmed. “As we engage in one on one interview with the participants, we quickly realise the power of the knowledge and skills that training is giving them. I got a lot of insights listening to them. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm and the passion of the participant the fight this complex reality. We that the participants are also learning from each other. Hence collaborative learning is an approach that needs to be sustained during and after the training”.  

60% of the participants are from African countries, the second  group comes from Asia, followed by Latin America and Europe. According to the original plan, they had to follow a first residential stage in Nairobi during the month of May. After the borders closure and flight cancellation, the coordination team rearrange these lessons on online. Participants meet regularly online, trying to support each other. The professors were able to provide to the participants a space to strengthen communication among them. All are very interested and no one break out the course. 

“This is a great new experience also for the coordination team”, said Sr. Gabriella Bottani, International Coordinator of Talitha Kum network, “With the outbreak of covid-19 the program of the 2020-21 course for Talitha Kum leaders had to be changed. I was impressed by the positive response of the participants and their commitment".