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Talitha Kum Meeting at the Occasion of the CLAR Reunion - Bolivia 2022

Three representatives from the Talitha Kum network, Sr. Mayra Cuellar, MDB; Sr. Carmen Ugarte Garcia, OSR; and Sr. Ana Maria Vilca, SNSM, represented the commission that focuses on the fight against human trafficking during an event hosted by the Commission of the Latin American Confederation of Religious (CLAR). This event took place in the city of Cochabamba on September 16 to 18, 2022. It consisted of an international and inter-congregational meeting among several teams that sought to answer the primary main challenges of religious life in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The participation of our three sisters was not only essential but also an important encounter. As Religious Life is committed against trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean, this event allowed them to share and reflect on good practices, difficulties, and challenges, and strengthened the connection and collaboration between organizations.

After the event finished our sisters, Mayra, Carmen, and Ana visited some religious-based communities in Cochabamba that work with girls and women who were victims of human trafficking. This was a perfect opportunity to share Talitha Kum's mission as well as hear from our sisters in Cochabamba. Additionally, our sisters went to La Paz where they met Causa Bolivia Members at the Fundacion Munasin Kullakita. Here they received a presentation to learn about the stages of care and protection for victims of human trafficking along with their focus areas and resources offered. Our sisters were able to learn and see the challenges, efforts, and success achieved by Red Causa Bolivia Members.