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Bob Pierce Prize Winner - Nayiri Arslanian

The Bob Pierce Prize Winner is a triennial award given to a deserving individual in recognition of their outstanding contributions to humanitarian service combined with Christian witness in holistic ministry. Since its inception, the award has been given to a wide range of recipients with ministries in the medical field, church planting, pastoring, education, and, more recently, community development, working with refugees, youth gangs, and street children.


Nayiri Arslanian is part of the Talitha Kum Wells of Hope, and through her work, she is engaged particularly with women in the fight against trafficking in Lebanon. 


“As a social worker, I do not care about titles in life. It is important, it is an added value, but nothing will change.You can believe me when I say that it will not change me. On the contrary, it gives me more r esponsibility, it shows me that I should hurry more in updating my skills to better do my job. [...] Nothing changes, the fight against human trafficking continues!” (Nayiri Arslanian)


Congratulations Nayiri!