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Being a Leader against Human Trafficking

Final message of the Participants to the Talitha Kum Leaders Course 2018-2019

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me…” Mt. 25, 40

We, as Talitha Kum leaders, recognize the holiness of life and the dignity of every human being. Humanity is God’s sacred creation and needs to be cherished and protected. In our prayers, we experience the creativity of God, and by recognizing the beauty of the human race, we can share our appreciation with those who have a void in their lives. Our spirituality enlightens us and encourages us to protect and care for all of the exploited and vulnerable people around the world. Within our daily lives, the image of the holy cross not only reminds us that our work is necessary, but strengthens our drive to overcome the obstacles we face.

As leaders, we are influenced by areas of inner strength that help us to face the challenges of life, specifically, to combat the evil of human trafficking. We identify self-knowledge as one of the most important aspects of inner strength. This is particularly empowering because it allows us to recognize our individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as our emotional capacities. We are motivated by our passion for Christ and the desire to uphold the dignity of humanity. This spiritual inspiration pushes us to stand united as catalysts for change, both internal and external, on personal, communal, and global levels.

Within Talitha Kum, we believe that relational skills are essential to our mission. We have built a culture rooted in networking and collaborating among our various congregations and organizations. The ongoing acquisition of theological and anthropological notions is also crucial to our work. By incorporating all of the values that encompass our personal and professional lives, we are able to educate the world on the realities of human trafficking and advocate for the undisputed rights of all human beings.

As Talitha Kum leaders, we cooperate within our congregations and organizations. We come from different parts of the world, but we work together as one Family, overcoming the particular obstacles of our countries. We are working at the grassroots to bring change and equality to all levels of our society and of the Church.

As individuals, we need to continue to grow in openness and focus on using our gifts to create a sense of belonging among all people. Furthermore, our optimistic perspectives and gospel values sharpen our sense of responsibility as well as our motivation to carry out our prophetic mission. By upholding our compassionate commitment to the cause our network stands for, we are able to answer when life cries out and calls us to defend the lives of those exposed to the cruelties of human trafficking. 

Let us recognize the signs of the times, listen to our hearts, and act as resilient leaders in the face of conflict. 

Photos of the Course