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Annette Arnold, rsj - Talitha Kum Oceania Regional Representative

Sister Annette is Talitha Kum's new regional coordinator for Oceania.

Here is her message: 

Stepping into the role of Talitha Kum Oceania regional representative is both thrilling and humbling. Sister Colleen Jackson has been a guiding light in this position for the past six years, and I am deeply grateful for her incredible work and ongoing support. Together, we recently had the joy of training the new Pacific Island network in Fiji, an experience that left me even more committed to our cause.

My journey with combating human trafficking and forced labor began in 2002 while working at the Social Action Office (SAO) in Queensland. The realization that people were being exploited in factories right in our own city, was such an eye opener that shook me to the core and ignited a passion within me. Since then, I've been actively alert to the upcoming issues and involved with my Congregation, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and the Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking of Humans (ACRATH), where I currently am on the board of ACRATH nationally, as the Vice President.

ACRATH stands for Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans. Our mission is to eliminate human trafficking and the harm it causes. With a strong presence across 5 states, we keep the person at the heart of all we do. Addressing Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery is an enormous task. Working in partnerships is key and we work collaboratively and collegially with significant partners in addressing many aspects of human trafficking and slavery on the basis of mutual respect and openness to sharing knowledge and developments like Australian Border Force, Red Cross, Anti-Slavery Australia, to name a few. ACRATH values this work, has credibility in these fora and believes that this can bring about systemic change.

The dedication of Sr. Abby and the whole Rome-based team, along with the inspiring stories from other continents, is remarkable and continually fuels my determination to work together towards sustainable changes in the system and the world. Pope Francis's words on the 10th World Day of Prayer against Human Trafficking resonate deeply—reminding us “only together can we defeat human trafficking,”. I want to remember that this ‘together’ that is Talitha Kum, is a network of networks, a very energetic and powerful force for good in the face of the magnitude of this global problem.

Being entrusted with the role of regional coordinator for Talitha Kum in Oceania, alongside my responsibilities at ACRATH, fills me with both pride and a sense of responsibility. Together, we will continue to fight against human trafficking with compassion and determination.

In this role, I am honored to serve as a voice for those who are silenced and marginalized by human trafficking. Together, with the support of dedicated individuals and organizations, we can create a world where exploitation is eradicated, and every person is treated with dignity and respect. It is an honour to be part of this effort!


Sr. Annette Arnold, rsj, Talitha Kum Regional Coordinator of Oceania 


Thank you for your anti-trafficking efforts and all the best in your new service as regional coordinator!


March 18th, 2024