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A light against human trafficking 2016


We invite you to participate with a simple click. When you do this a small square in the above image will become visible. We need thousands of people to complete the image.

This act is simple and is a symbol. The word symbol, the greek synballein means "put together".  Originally, symbols were two halves of a tablet or a coin that two people retained as a sign of friendship, that was rebuilt when the two sides were dovetailed through a renewed encounter.

This is just what the 2nd World Day of Prayer 2016 invites us to do. We renew our encounter and  join together the values, choices and everyday actions that favor the end of all forms of exploitation and trafficking in persons. We devote a bit of our time to pray and reflect, to think and dream about the dignity and freedom of every person. We immerse ourselves in the spirit of mercy that can transform our daily actions.

In this site, a light against trafficking, you can also download the proposed prayer vigil. Please send us a photo or a picture so that your participation can become visible.