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A day in the trail of care - July 30, 2022

Talitha Kum joined the July 30 campaign, the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons,  promoting "The Power of Care", the theme guiding the last International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking on February 8, 2022.  "Recognizing the dignity of persons is the first form of care" (Pope Francis).

For this day, Talitha Kum invited the networks to participate on social media by sharing testimonies and experiences of care for victims of trafficking and groups considered at risk. Many Talitha Kum networks were also engaged at local and regional levels organizing prayer and reflection meetings on the theme of Care and the four verbs of Talitha Kum's Call to Action: Caring for trafficked persons and persons at risk; Healing physical, psychosocial, and spiritual wounds; Empowering victims/survivors and persons at risk by making their voices heard; Restoring human dignity by promoting access to justice. 

Other networks carried out prevention campaigns in the streets and parishes and communication in the media, joining and deepening also on the theme of the day promoted by the United Nations on the use and abuse of technology in relation to human trafficking. 

Talitha Kum's Youth Ambassadors against Human Trafficking were also involved in prevention and awareness-raising activities in their different contexts, particularly in Asia and Latin America, participating on social media. 

On the occasion of July 30th, Talitha Kum International made available online for the first time the photographic exhibition "Nuns Healing Hearts", a virtual tour that narrates the daily work of Talitha Kum's nuns with people and communities affected by human trafficking. The shots were taken by the humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine in Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States. Launched by Pope Francis in 2019, the exhibition was created in collaboration with the Galileo Foundation, the project's main sponsor, and with support from the Global Solidarity Fund.

View photos of the activation of Talitha Kum's Networks at the grassroots 

See the virtual exhibition "Nuns Healing Hearts".