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NEWS FROM THE NETWORKS: BAKHITA POLAND - Care for victims affected by the Ukrainian - Russian war

In 2011, Bakhita Religious in Poland Network Against Trafficking was created to assist victims of human trafficking and exploitation. The formation of the network was driven by the need to join forces to eliminate human trafficking and suffering of those trapped in modern forms of slavery within Poland. At this particular time, sisters and collaborators of the BAKHITA network are caring for the victims who have been affected by the Ukraine - Russia war. These efforts also serve as preventive measures of human trafficking.

The sisters shared some of their efforts of assisting the victims of war. The impact of war in Ukraine means that there is limited access to basic necessities, like food and others. The sisters in Poland provide humanitarian aid to those individuals who remained in Ukraine, arranging transport to deliver food to Kryvyi Rih. Sisters, who live in this area, were able to distribute the aid personally to the affected victims. 

Many refugees from Ukraine desperately enter Poland without a plan or place to stay. The sisters of BAKHITA were able to adopt these refugees at a local congregation in Lublin, Poland, allowing the stay of Ukraine refugees, mainly mothers and their children. Kitchenettes were organized allowing Ukrainian women to cook and prepare their own meals. 

One of the most impactful efforts made by the sisters in Poland was the financial assistance for therapy sessions and Polish classes for women and children staying at the Sisters’ house in Lublin. This allowed for women and their children to receive long term proper psychological and spiritual care, as well as, a chance to learn Polish - a tool essential for financial independence and providing a sense of security and safety.


April 21, 2023