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Talitha Kum Burkina Faso

WhatsapTalithakum Burkina Faso +226 60 95 88 88

Year of foundation: 2017

Sr. Yvonne Clémence BAMBARA was invited at the workshop held in Rome in 2016 by Talitha Kum. On her return to Burkina-Faso, she shared the issue of human trafficking and how Talitha Kum is involved as a network. This was shared to the union of religious of the Archdiocese of Bobo-Dioulasso. Religious present were invited to start a network in the diocese, as a result there were three sisters of different Congregation ( Sr. Yvonne Clémence BAMBARA a Good Shepherd Sisters, Sr Angela Kapitingana a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa and Sr. Marie-Cecile Some a Religious of the Assumptions) who came together and organised for the first time prayer and conference on human trafficking at the cathedral on the 8th February 2017. Since then the network has faithfully prepared for the 8th February for prayer preceded with a month of sensibilisation in the diocese. Slowly it has connected to other two diocese of which makes a coordinating term of six religious of six Congregation. It has as well conducted awareness workshop with religious in the country at a national level and to the annual assembly of major superiors of Burkina/Niger. The network was officially recognised and strengthened by the Union of the Major Superiors of Burkina/Niger in November 2018.

Vision: Animated by the same unconditional love of Christ for all persons, we members of the Talitha Kum network of the consecrated persons of Burkina-Faso commit ourselves to fight against all forms enterprises aiming at denying and humiliating the dignity of the person created in the image of God. Mission We Talitha Kum members, consecrated from Burkina-Faso we commit ourselves to: o Denounce all kinds of actions against the dignity of the person. o Sensitize the population with determination on the prevention of trafficking. o Provide the necessary support to the victims of trafficking o Build the capacity of victims with professional and / or school training. o Collaborate with other structures to fight against trafficking.