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Talitha Kum Zambia

Year of foundation: 2021

Three sisters took part in the Talitha Kum Formation of TK leaders March 2020-2021. With insights from the course and with support from the Talitha- Kum, Rome, the leaders saw the formation of the Network as the best approach to address the issue of Human Trafficking. Sr. Kayula Lesa (Religious Sisters of Charity), Sr. Mutinta Simaanza, Religious Sisters of the Holy Spirit) and Sr. Veronica Ramotse, (Sisters of Mary Conceived Immaculate) began inviting Congregations to this important Network. This invitation is ongoing and this year, TAKUZA will officially launch the Network.

TALITHA KUM-ZAMBiA NETWORK (TAKUZA) Who we are TalithaKum-Zambia (TAKUZA) is a Counter-Trafficking Network comprising Catholic Religious Institutions and individuals with a passion to combat human trafficking. It operates in collaboration with other TalithaKum Networks within the African Region that operate under the umbrella TalithaKum Network, a Counter-Trafficking Programme under the UISG based in Rome, Italy. What we do The vision of TAKUZA is a “Zambia where everyone is free from all forms of exploitation, especially exploitation due to human trafficking.” Its mission is to combat human trafficking by awakening communities to its vices through education, advocacy, research and collaboration and the accompaniment of survivors. TAKUZA is located in Lusaka, but it operates at national level especially through Religious Institutions that serve as its Outreach Areas. The work of TAKUZA is informed by following values drawn from the Church Social Teaching: ● Human Dignity ● Freedom from exploitation ● Solidarity with victims of trafficking ● Commitment to freeing the oppressed ● Accountability ● Integrity