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Yanabia’ El’amal - Talitha Kum Jordan


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Facebook page: Wells of Hope Jordan

twitter: Wells of Hope Jordan; @WellsofHopeJor1

Year of foundation: 2018

- A stakeholders- mapping was conducted by Dr. Dima Karadsheh - a meeting was held in Amman by Sr. Marie Claude and attended by Dr. Dima Karadsheh, Dr. Haifa Haider and Wafa Makhamreh -Four participants from Jordan attended the regional workshop in Lebanon (Dr. Dima Karadsheh, Dr. Haifa Haider, Esra Al- Sheab and Wafa Makhamreh) - preparing the action plan of the network by the members.

As part of the Talitha Kum networks’ vision, Wells of Hope Jordan main goal is shedding the light on the current situation of human trafficking in Jordan, and deepening the understanding of the context as well as identifying the opportunities and possibilities of networking to raise awareness on the status of human trafficking and work on strategies of prevention, in addition to highlighting the efforts that can be exerted to put an end to human trafficking.