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Talitha kum Thailand


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Year of foundation: 2012

In 2005 UISG organized the first workshop on Counter Human Trafficking at Pastoral Center of Diocesan Bangkok, there were about 12 Congregations attended. At that time Sr. Francoise Jiranonda was the chair person of The Conference of Women Superior of Thailand and Laos (CMRSWTL). In July 2007 , Sr. Kanlaya Trisopa, SHB. as a delegate from The Conference of Women Superiors of Thailand and Laos, to participated in the follow up of UISG and IOM in Bohol Island , Philippines. At that time the APWRATH Networks was organized.In 2008, three delegates comprising of (1) Sr. Francoise,SPC, (2) Sr. Kanlaya, SHB, and (3) Sr. Anurak,RGS. Participated in the UISG workshop in Rome.In 2009, June two delegates comprising of Sr.Sutisa Utalun, RGS. and Sr.Puangpaga Rachathon,SISM. participated in UISG meting in Rome.In 2010, The Conference sent Sr. Kanlaya Trisopa to join a seminar in Johanesbourg, South Africa, in order to prepare the campaign for Countering Human Trafficking during the FIFA World Cup 2010 together with the Networks of UISG members from different part of the world.In 2011, September 17-19, APWRATH by Sr. Folyn Catungal, OSA together with The Conference of Women Superiors of Thailand and Laos by Sr. Kanlaya and some volunteers organized the seminar on the topic of “Women and Men Religious of Thailand joining together Against Human Trafficking” at Redemptorist Center, Pataya, Thailand. Sr. Folyn Catungal,OSA. sponsored the budget for 40 participants from different Congregations and Lay Volunteers from different Church organizations. At the end of this seminar all participants agreed to establish a commission to do the ministry of Countering Human Trafficking. The Commission consisted of Men and Women Religious including Lay volunteers. An informal election took place after the seminar, the list below show the elected committee members of Talitha Kum Thailand.The Committee was officially approved by The Conference of Women Major Superior of Thailand and Laos in December 2011.3 February 2012. The first meeting of "Talitha Kum, Thailand," the new organization which was approved by the Conference of Major Religious Superiors of Women of Thailand and Laos, (CMRSWTL) was held on.In 2013, December Talitha Kum Asia Conference was organized by UISG Rome in Thailand. Together with every participants Talitha Kum Thailand accepted the policy statement formulated by the conference: “We, Talitha Kum Southeast Asia, AMRAT and ACRATH, a network of consecrated persons against human trafficking, commit ourselves to become messengers of hope and protagonists of change, and dedicate ourselves to stop the de-humanizing slavery of our sisters, brothers and children; Inspired and encouraged by His Holiness, we continue on the path of service to the poorest and most marginalized of our brothers and sisters, in solidarity and assistance, with Christian compassion, acceptance, understanding and kindness”. In 2015, July “The Association of Major Superiors Men and Women of Thailand” has accepted Talitha Kum Thailand as one mission belong to a branch of their Union. Now 26 Congregations has joined the networks.

- The role of the committee is as common as other network that is to coordinate , facilitate and support the work of the members. - Talitha Kum Thailand has agreed to meet twice a year and to present the activity report to the Association of Major Superiors of Religious Men and Women of Thailand. - We have used contemporary offices in different Congregations.