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Talitha Kum - Nigeria

Year of foundation: 1999

In April 1999, The Committee for the Support of the Dignity of Women came into being with the inspiration of Major Superiors of Nigeria, under the umbrella of Nigeria Conference of Women Religious (NCWR). Rev. Sisters Blandina Ryan, MMM, Rev. Sr. Florence Nwaonuma SSH, were the first to bring together all the responsabiliteis and activities of the early life of COSUDOW. As Major Superiors of different congregations travels to different Europe Countries, they came face to face with the problems of human dignity being eroded. As a result, the body, that is NCWR decided to take action in fighting against this evil of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation in women and girls. TO rescue the victims of exploitation, hence the formation of (COSUDOW in 18th April 2015) of this formidable organization COSUDOW. September 12, 2018 following the experiene of COSUDOW and after the participation of Sr. Mary Rita Adebambo to the Talitha Kum Course for leader and the involvment of Sr. Patricia Ebegbulem Talitha Kum Nigeria was officially established.

to promote the dignity of young girls and women through education of their dignity, rights, sex, family and responsabilities and advance the wellbeing of the downtrodden womanhood exposing them of their equal opportunities in the social-political sphere. The objectives: 1. to educate families and young people on the hazards of being lured to other parts of the world for greener pastures. 2. to educate families and young people on the hazard involved in traveling around the home country and other parts of the world for prostitution 3. to resettle and rehabilitate those young women who may be repatriated or who wis to pull out of prostitution 4. to have a "Welcoming Home" where these young women will be accommodated and helped to regain themselves through counseling and spiritual direction. (a welcoming home is now in place) 5. to provide security for these young women and their families after they have opted out of prostitution 6. to find ways of giving them marketable skills and help them to set up ventures that will give them come self support 7. to address other social issues that affect women and children 8. to work in collaboration with Government Agencies and non-governmental Agencies that are working on this purpose