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Talitha Kum is the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Human Trafficking.

Formally established in 2009 with the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) as an international initiative against human trafficking and exploitation, Talitha Kum promotes collaboration among networks organized at national, regional and continental level, actively supporting victims, survivors and people at risk. While each Talitha Kum network retains its unique identity and operates within its own country or region, the International Coordination at UISG supports capacity development and training of networks and members, and facilitates the sharing of information, resources and experiences.

As an umbrella network of Sisters-led networks, Talitha Kum is grounded in the long, rich tradition of Catholic women, inspired by the life-giving ministry of Christ, who are committed to community work and collaboration, following the example of the Triune God.

The strength of the Talitha Kum network lies in its bottom-up, grassroots engagement and in its person- and community-centered approach, which ensures proximity to victims and survivors of trafficking, their families, and those at risk of exploitation.

Talitha Kum Networks are:

  • inter-congregational Sister-led networks, organized primarily at the national level;
  • on-the-ground oriented;
  • linked to the national Conference/Association of Major Superiors.