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25 Setembro 2019

General Assembly Day 4

We are called to be Christ's healing presence in this world.... 

When Jesus says, “my mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it," he is not dismissing family, he is redefining family. Jesus is claiming that the strongest relationships are those founded in the word of God. 

Our parents were training us to love each other (by acting upon the word of God) in the details of everyday life so that we will be able love each other in the most important moments of our lives. 

As adults now working inter-congregationally, we give expression to the three theological virtues, Faith, Hope and Love.  Each virtue represents values that define humankind's relationship with God Himself. 

And while love is defined as the most powerful of all, without Faith we cannot know the love of God. Hope makes us capable of building a future (Pope Francis) and keeps us moving forward. Hope is the invisible hand that holds up the head of a victim of Human Trafficking so that she/he can see the light of day and a future with possibilities.
Together against Human Trafficking, Talitha Kum weaves a Web of Love that responds to the call of those in the margins. 

As disciples of hope, Talitha Kum members say "yes" to become part of the wounded body of Christ, we say "yes" to working with the marginalised. Yes to live in hope of a different style of life, beginning with our individual selves. 

This work is not easy, it is not for the faint hearted and comes at a cost, so we must strengthen one another in our common ministry in anti-trafficking. 

We have to nourish our hearts (Sr. Patricia Murray, 24 -09-19) we have to be nourished by our spiritualities, by our charisma,  by the Gospel, by the reflections from Pope Francis. 

Anti-human trafficking work is the work of Religious life, engaging at all levels on new frontiers. 

Working in Faith and Hope, weaving a web in Love.

Talitha Kum Communications team




As redes de Talitha Kum encontram-se en todos os continentes e coordenam os esforços contra o tráfico de pessoas de 50 redes intercongregacionais organizadas em nível nacional-local; e 10 redes de coordenação conjuntamente diferentes países articuladas em nível regional.

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