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20 Setembro 2017

Course for the Formation of Talitha Kum Leaders

The Talitha Kum Strategic Plan 2015-2018 provides for the creation of courses for the qualification of Talitha Kum members in the service of leadership. To make this decision operational, I am pleased to announce that the first training course for Talitha Kum leaders will take place  from January 2018 to March 2019

The course is based on a long time of preparation in partnership between Talitha Kum / UISG and the Pontifical University Antonianum.

The course will provide tools to enhance the skills that will support leaders in developing professional and relational skills, aimed at collaborating and managing activities. The course content includes leadership models, networking, programming and development, economic management, communication, fundraising. The content of the course will be consistent with the principles of gratuity, reciprocity, subsidiarity and trust, fundamental to a leadership model of an inter-congregational and inter-institutional networking organization.

The course, coordinated by 2 representatives each from the Antonianum Pontifical University and Talitha Kum, will follow the following phases:

  • Selection of candidates: September - November 2017
  • First Phase - First Phase Online - February-June 2018
  • Second Phase - First Presidential Phase in Rome (Italy) - June 2018 - 2 Weeks
  • Third Phase - Second Phase Online - July-December 2018 - At this stage, participants must undertake at least 100 hours of internship and draw up a concluding report on internship.
  • Fourth Phase - Second Presidential Meeting in Rome - January / February 2019

Participants will be required to present a final thesis at the end of the course.  This will serve the participant to find solutions to specific situations relevant to the network of which s/he is  part.

From September, the site of the Pontificia Unversità Antonianum ,  will be open the pre-registrations, which must be made online. The course will be recognized by the Antonianum Pontifical University.

Who can participate in the selection:

Religious and lay people who play,  or who will play leadership roles in Talitha Kum networks or other networks involved in trafficking in people.

Participants are required to have completed upper-level studies, have a basic knowledge of the English language, be willing to attend the entire course and engage for at least three years, after completing the course, to collaborate with one of Talitha Kum's networks.

20 people will be selected for scholarships. The scholarships will cover: the full cost of the course, travel and board expenses for the two sessions in Rome. 

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As redes de Talitha Kum encontram-se en todos os continentes e coordenam os esforços contra o tráfico de pessoas de 50 redes intercongregacionais organizadas em nível nacional-local; e 10 redes de coordenação conjuntamente diferentes países articuladas em nível regional.

* Dados do Censo de Talitha Kum 2021



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