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6 Março 2019


Dear Sisters and Members of the Talitha Kum Networks,

On behalf of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) and the Talitha Kum International Committee, I officially announce the first General Assembly of Talitha Kum, that will take place in Rome at the UISG in September 2019. The opening session will commence at 11:00am on 21st September and conclude at 7:00pm on 27th September.

The year 2019 is very important as the network celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Talitha Kum. It will be a milestone of our common commitment against trafficking in persons. We are invited to give thanks to God for this journey together, to evaluate and to plan towards the future. At the end of the Assembly we will set together the new priorities of Talitha Kum for the 2020-2025 period, to be presented to the UISG Executive Board.

A special acknowledgement of deep gratitude in memory of Sr. Estrella Castalone, FMA, the first Talitha Kum international coordinator, who led the Network from 2009-2014. In addition, I also acknowledge the many other sisters who implemented the decision of the UISG Plenary Assembly of 2001, in which our religious leaders committed themselves to collaborate against trafficking in persons. 

86 delegates from all over the world will represent the networks at the 2019 General Assembly of Talitha Kum in Rome. The continental representatives of the International Coordination Committee will facilitate the selection process of the delegates.

As you well know, Pope Francis stated that “Human Trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge on the Body of Christ.” We are part of this wounded body, together, with our sisters and brothers who have been trafficked. Let us empower each other, by weaving a web in love, (Col. 2:2) together against human trafficking.

In unity of prayer,

Sr. Gabriella Bottani, SMC


Talitha Kum está presente em 92 países, nos 5 continentes: 14 na África, 18 na Ásia, 17 nas Américas, 41 na Europa, 2 na Oceania. As Redes de Talitha Kum: 44 Redes nacionais: 9 na África, 11 na Ásia, 15 na América, 7 na Europa e 2 na Oceania. 7 coordenamentos regionais: 2 na América Latina, 3 na Ásia, 1 na Europa e 1 na África



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