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31 Augusto 2022

Talitha Kum Asia Conference, Thailand 22-26 August 2022

The 4th regional conference of Talitha Kum Asia with the theme “Casting the Nets as Network in Asia to End Trafficking in Persons” took place on 22-26 August 2022 at Baan Phuwaan, Pastoral Training Center of the Archdiocese of Bangkok, Thailand. 63 Participants were present from 13 national countries in Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan (online), Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, including the Talitha Kum International Coordinator from Rome (online). 

Several interfaith groups and other regional and international anti-trafficking organizations also participated in the conference. The presence of the Talitha Kum Young Ambassadors was very enriching. Talitha Kum Youth Ambassadors from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam contributed their enthusiasm, creativity, and strength to the meeting. See the interview.

Some main objectives of this Conference were: 

  • To deepen the understanding of Human Trafficking realities in the Asian context.
  • To strengthen Talitha Kum’s networking in Asia and collaboration with interfaith groups and other organizations in anti-trafficking.
  • To assess the Talitha Kum Priorities 2020-2025 and the Implementation of Talitha Kum’s Call to Action.
  • To learn and provide opportunities for cross-learning of practices and experiences among participants (Focus on TK Call to Action).
  • To strengthen the implementation of a regional hub team focusing on formation, communication, prevention, networking, and advocacy.
  • To increase young people’s commitment to Talitha Kum’s mission and vision in anti-trafficking.

On the last day, Sr. Gabriella Bottani, SMC, the Talitha Kum International Coordinator, joined the meeting online. The central theme of this day was Talitha Kum's Call to Action and its four verbs of action.

Therefore, the following ‘Call to Action’ will be the next steps for Talitha Kum Asia with the final approval of all the network members to:

1. Strengthen the Talitha Kum networks by intensifying the area of networking, formation, prevention, communication, and advocacy at local and regional levels in their efforts against human trafficking and in caring for victims, survivors, and people at risk.

2. Strengthen TK Young Ambassadors in Asia

3. Build partnerships and strong collaboration with Church in Asia, particularly with Bishop Conferences, Major Religious Superiors Conferences, FABC (Federation of Asian Bishops Conference), and other faith-based groups.

Talitha Kum Indonesia was elected the host network for the next conference.

Congratulations to all the participants and to all those who made the Conference a success.

See the photo gallery 

See the interviews of the event 



Talitha Kum, la Red Internacional de la Vida Consagrada Contra la Trata de Personas, está presente en 5 continentes, 50 redes nacionales inter congregacionales que coordinan los esfuerzos contra la trata a nivel nacional-local; 10 redes regionales que implican la coordinación conjunta de varios países a nivel regional.

* Según la información del Censo de Talitha Kum 2021



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