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16 Junio 2016



The Guide to recovery for Survivors of Torture is an hand written by DR DIDDY MYMIN KAHN and SR. AZEZET HABTEZGHI KIDANE,  with the financial support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Tel Aviv.

Dr Diddy Mymin Kahn is a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist in humanitarian aid and intervention. 
Sister Azezet Habtezghi Kidane (known as Sister Aziza) originally from Eritrea, is a member of the Comboni Missionary Sisters. From 2010, she has acted as an advocate, counsellor, nurse and spiritual leader of the African refugee community in Israel. She has specifically focused attention on what was happening in the Sinai: enslavement for sexual exploitation, and torture of asylum seekers. 

The handbook, written in English and Tigrinya, is a precious tool for people working with survivor of torture and trafficking in people. I would like to present the book, using the words of the writers:
“We have met many very courageous men and women who are survivors of torture. We know that while you are suffering the effects of your experience, you may not be able to pause to help yourself. This book has been written for you because we know that many people who are suffering the effects of torture are just surviving, trying to earn money and make a living. Life is hard and most people do not have time to go and get help for themselves. With time some people are able to heal and some people are left with effects that disturb them and stop them getting on with their lives. We are hoping that this book can help you, in some way, to help yourself. Many people do not want to read a book about torture and trauma because they do not want to think about the difficulties that they have been through. But the reality is that we cannot always control our minds and our thoughts as far as our trauma memory goes. Trauma can visit our memories and dreams, influencing us in ways that may be painful and uncomfortable. This booklet has been written to help you understand your reactions. We believe that understanding how the mind and body work when they have been through experiences such as yours, can give you power, make you feel stronger and help you to begin to heal. Also we hope that you will understand that the distress that you feel makes sense and is a normal reaction to the very abnormal atrocities you experienced. We have included some ideas, which may be of help to you in your healing journey. We are not implying that just reading a book will help you get over your terrible experiences, but we hope that we can be part of your healing journey.”

Thank you to sr. Azezet and to Dr. Diddy to allow us to present their book on our website. 

Copy of this handbook are available from: KUCHINATE - African Refugee Women's Collective Email:

Downaload the Book (pdf)


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