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Yanabia’ El’amal - Talitha Kum Lebanon

• Thalita Kum International asked, superior major in Lebanon if they are interested to work on issue of Human Trafficking • Visit of sister Gabriella to superior major and some other organizations consulted to start the network for the middle east, and they agreed to start with three countries • Major Superior decided sister Marie claude Naddaf to be the responsible of the project. However, she started her visits to NGOs public and private in three countries. Where we decided to have small groups in each country from people who are interested to work in the Human trafficking project. • Sister Gabriella with Sister Marie Claude, prepared a conference that was held in Lebanon from 20 to 24 July 2019, where we invited from three groups who are working with us. Mrs. Pascal Debbeni was representing Migrants & Refugees (section integral human development) • Network was launched as Wells Of Hope/ Yanabii El Amal for the Middle East

• Awareness and prevention from Human Trafficking • Collaborate with NGOs and governmental NGOs to help the victims of trafficking to find safe place for them • To provide social and psychological follow up for the at risk and victims of human trafficking • Rehabilitation and reintegration in the society the victims of Trafficking