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Talitha Kum Taiwan

The parishes spread all over Taiwan and a few Catholic organization in Taiwan have been engaged in work for migrants for quite a long time, and a few have promoted initiatives against trafficking in persons. Good Shepherd Sisters have been commissioned to run the shelter for TIP victims from foreign countries who were rescued and in addition do preventative TIP work under the name of Good Shepherd Foundation. Many of us realized that if we can share together our efforts will be more effective and it is also the desire of the Pope. In order to establish "Talitha Kum Taiwan", Good Shepherd Sisters sponsored the first preparatory meeting. 8 congregations of women religious and Catholic organization joined the meeting on 2019 July 30th (WORLD DAY AGAINST TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS). They are Good Shepherd Sisters, Missionary Dominican Rosary, Missionary sisters of Sacro Costato, Sisters of Social Service, Daughters of St. Paul, Daughters of Jesus, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, Caritas Taiwan.

Promoting the development of "Talitha Kum Taiwan", our goals are: 1. Strengthen the link of regional networks. Encourage more Catholic organizations join together sharing experiences against human trafficking. 2. Based on the existing religious congregation, provide propaganda or education program to raise awareness of human trafficking and children sexual exploitation ( we had planned that we will increase the no. of religious Congregations participating and since the head of the Assn. of Major superiors is a member she will speak for Talithakum at the meeting of Major Superiors in 2020 and Men religious and priests had also expressed interest, we were having a seminar foe men and women and after that to elect officers, plan the objectives etc… but with Covid our movement totally stopped. After the impact of Covid we will be much clearer on many areas.)