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AMRAT - Talitha Kum India

The birth of AMRAT was in November 2009 in the First workshop held from 18-25 Novemebr 2009 at Raia, Goa, India. The Foundress Sr Jyoti was awakened to the heart rending realities of the modern day slavery – Human Trafficking when she represented the Union of International Superiors General (UISG) in Rome in 2007 and was inspired by "I have come that they may have life; life in its fullness"John 10:10. She then motivated other religios congregations especailly of South Asian Countries to join hands to combat this heinous crime - Human Trafficking. She then invited members from Talitha Kum Rome to come to India and motivate various congregations to work together. Sr. Jyoti Pinto BS was the first President of AMRAT too. Since then every year there is a Annual General Body Meeting held in different States of India which is attended by 80 – 100 religious sisters majority from India and other South Asian Countries.

VISION “Amrat - Talitha Kum India”, envisions a Society, free from all forms of enslavement including Human Trafficking. MISSION We, the members of Amrat-Talitha Kum India, commit ourselves to respect, protect, promote and restore human dignity of the marginalized in collaboration and solidarity with equally motivated organizations, institutions and individuals. ROLE 1. Coordinate and strengthen the members towards effective grassroots initiatives 2. Collaborate with other like minded networks and organizations working on the same issue. 3. Influencing policies at State, National and International level in combating human trafficking and all forms of enslavement. OBJECTIVES 1. To identify and motivate the Congregations, to network in building a humane society and in combating human trafficking in particular. 2. To protect, promote and restore human rights of the trafficked persons irresepctive of caste, creed, nationality, race or gender. 3. To create awaress among all especially volunarable people, on the issue of modern day slavery. 4. To support grassroot activities of the members in addressing issues related to human trafficking. 5. To vioce out our stand in defence of the human rights and denounce all forms of human trafficking. 6. To work for prevention, protection, rescue, rehabilitation, re- integration and repatriation of those who need such assistance. 7. To network with government and non - government organizations and institutions. 8. Publication of the work 9. Defending defenders of trafficked persons.