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Talitha Kum Myanmar

After having participated in the SEAMS in 2013 and 2016, the representative of religious superiors of Myanmar felt the need to collaborate among religious in Myanmar in combating human trafficking which is one of the country's burning issues. One of the activities in the country's Action Plan at SEAMS 2016 was to form Anti Human Trafficking Team at Catholic Religious Conference level. This plan was discussed in January 2017 during the Major Superiors' Meeting and the decision was made to organized the Team of Myanmar Religious Against Human Trafficking. Sr. Veronica Anthony, RGS was appointed as the CRCM link person for this new team. With the guidance of Sr. Veronica Anthony, RGS, the Training for Trainers on “Safe Migration and Anti Human Trafficking” was organized from 27th to 30th March 2017. The training was participated by 25 participants from different Congregations. At the end of the training on 30th March 2017, “Myanmar Religious Against Human Trafficking”- MRAHT- Team was officially formed with 11 members from 11 Congregations. On 25th July 2017, with the acknowledgement of Sr. Gabriella Bottani, the coordinator of Talitha Kum International Network from UISG Rome, MRAHT became “Talitha Kum Myanmar” joining the Talitha Kum International Network officially.

VISION: Awaken everyone to the power of compassion to promote the dignity of all MISSION: To promote compassion in us and enhance dignity of the people at risk of human trafficking in Myanmar through: -Prevention -Partnership OBJECTIVES: 1. To prevent the dilution of human dignity of people at risk of human trafficking through awareness training 2. To promote the holistic reintegration of the migrant returnees and the human trafficking survivors in family and society through partnership and networking