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Con PAHT - Consecrated Persons Against Human Trafficking

The network was established in March 2018, as outcome of the Talitha Kum Training in the Country. The contact with Talitha Kum started in 2016, when Sr. Mamaalifar, MSOLA, a Ghanaian sister serving at the generalate of her congregation in Rome, participated in the Second International Coordination Meeting of Talitha Kum. She facilitated the communication between Talitha Kum and the local conference of Major Superiors of Ghana, who requested fromTalitha Kum International to support the formation of a new network in the country.Thus, TalithaKum arrived in Ghana following a five (5) day training workshop organized by TalithaKum network international body for consecrated persons in Ghana. The workshop took place at SVD Guest House Nsawam, Accra from 12 to 16 March 2018 and was attended by thirty four (34) participants (8 male religious & 25 female religious) from twenty (20) congregations and one (1) lay person. Among the participants were two national coordinators from Nigeria and Cameroun respectively. The training workshop was facilitated by Mr. Stefano Volpicelli from USA. The workshop exposed participants to the global menace of human trafficking and its damaging effects to humanity. Participants were also exposed to the historical antecedents of trafficking, preventive measures, theoretical frameworks of helping relationships, and problem solving process etc. All presentations were geared towards equipping participants with knowledge and skills to counter human trafficking. Consequently, the training workshop gave birth to the network in Ghana. In order to become a network, the group had to have a name, a vision and mission statements and a national coordinator.After much deliberation the group came up with a name for our network as Consecrated Persons Against Human Traffickingas well as a vision and mission statements. Sr. Olivia Umoh, a sister of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (DC) was elected the National Coordinator for Talitha Kum Ghana. Sr. Olivia Umoh is a Social Worker by profession and works in the Street Children Services of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi Ghana. Sr. Olivia Umoh has been working with migrant children and victims of human trafficking and had both passion and experience on the field.

Vision Statement Through the competent facilitation of Mr. Stefano, the group set into serious task of formulating a vision statement and came up with the following: “We, the members of Consecrated Life in Ghana, moved by our faith in God, respect for human dignity and freedom, commit ourselves to counter human trafficking”. Mission Statement We, the members of Consecrated life in Ghana, are committed to address the menace of human trafficking through the following strategies: massive awareness creation towards prevention; provision of support for survivors; building knowledge and skills of practitioners and collaborating with groups with similar interests.