Nov. 9, 2018

Project of Wells of Hope - YANABIEH EL AMAL

Purpose of the Network Wells Of Hope  -  YANABIEH  EL  AMAL

Sharing Women’s Sensitivity for Human Dignity.

Cristian and Muslim Women against Trafficking

A project of Talitha Kum / International Union of Superiors General (UISG)

The Talitha Kum Network address...


Nov. 8, 2018

A new logo for Talitha Kum: change is essential to better match our identity

Talitha Kum, the International Network of Religious Life against Trafficking in persons is proud to launch its new logo: after some years we have returned to the figure of the hand poised to ‘end human trafficking’ as a symbol of life and network-based commitment worldwide.



Oct. 31, 2018

Cleveland, OH - Eight Talitha Kum networks gather for “Borders are not Barriers” hemispheric meeting - 24-27 October 2018

Eight sister-led networks, representing sisters from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina, gathered in Cleveland, Ohio from October 24-27 to proclaim that “Borders are not Barriers” in working together to combat human trafficking.

All networks are members of Talitha Kum, the int...


Oct. 30, 2018

ACRATH has opened a new office in Perth, Western Australia to continue its work nation-wide against human trafficking

The Archdiocese of Perth has stepped in to provide an office for ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) after the organisation lost $125,000 in Commonwealth funding in June.

ACRATH was formed in 2005 and was instrumental in collecting evidence and advocating for n...


Sept. 25, 2018

Study on human trafficking in Northern Mozambique

Study on the TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS, organs and parts of the human body in the three provinces of northern Mozambique

CEMIRDE (Episcopal Commission for Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People Mozambique)
Download the book here (only in Portuguese)