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3 Giugno 2022

Young people from Faith Communication in the Digital World program at Talitha Kum International

Young people from the Dicastery of Communication’s program “Faith Communication in the Digital World”, came to visit Talitha Kum International in Rome!

This group included 16 young people ages 18 - 35 from all different parts of the world.

This program established by the Dicastery of Communication selects young communicators who, through a series of online and in-person meetings and workshops, work to acquire valuable in-depth skills on digital communication from the perspective of spiritual formation.

The youth had the opportunity to visit the photo exhibition “Nuns healing hearts” at Major Superior Union of Italy  - USMI and to meet the Talitha Kum International team to speak about the Network and the commitment of the Talitha Kum sisters and collaborators against human trafficking around the world.

Sr. Gabriella Bottani, smc presented the exhibition and the idea behind it. The young people were very touched by the pictures and asked many questions about Talitha Kum’s work.  As communication “experts”, their questions surrounded how to communicate ethically about such an issue.

Talitha Kum encouraged them to take contact with the local networks from their countries and discussed the Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors project.

Talitha Kum is so grateful for this opportunity to share their work – together we are stronger!

Thank you to the Dicastery of Communication for organizing this visit and to USMI for welcoming us.

A special thanks to all the young people for their enthusiasm and passion!


Le reti di Talitha Kum sono attive nei 5 continenti e coordinano l'impegno contro la tratta di 50 Reti inter-congregazionali organizzate a livello nazionale-locale; 10 reti di coordinamento congiunto di diversi paesi a livello regionale.

* Dati Census di Talitha Kum 2021



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