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The first Talitha Kum Online Training course for the new networks in Asia has been concluded with an official online ceremony. More than 100 religious sisters, priests, and lay partners from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia completed the training course held on five consecutive Saturdays from June 19 to July 17.

Sr. Abby Avelino, recently appointed as Talitha Kum regional coordinator, welcomed the new working groups that have freshly joined the Talitha Kum network in Asia through an intensive theoretical and practical training on the topics of trafficking.
Sr. Gabriella Bottani, Talitha Kum International Coordinator, and Prof. Stefano Volpicelli, Researcher and trainer, have accompanied the training of new members; at the end of the programme, seven groups presented their action plans in the prevention, awareness-raising campaigns, and strategic intervention plans for the victims and survivors of human trafficking, especially women, children, and migrant workers. 

“I would also to thank you personally and to congratulate you on the work you have done. It was so inspiring and enriching for the whole Talitha Kum Networks around the world. The on-line training is a new way to support the new groups joining Talitha Kum” said Sr. Gabriella Bottani during the final ceremony where she handed out the certificates. 

This important step through the strengthening of the Talitha Kum network in Asia demonstrates the capacity building of all the Talitha Kum networks and their commitment to end human trafficking, overcoming the limitation of Covid-19.